Just Two Weeks Left

September 15th, 2006 by Scott McFarlane

The new house with landscapingThe house is really coming along. The carpet is in, and the landscaping (front yard only) is completed. The remaining yard will eventually be seeded. Unfortunately our closing date has been pushed out one week to September 28. This is because the stairs from the first to the second floor had to be replaced. Apparently they got rained on prior to the original installation, resulting in several treads cracking. So the builder decided to tear out the entire stair and replace it. After a delay with the stair manufacturer, the new pre-build stair arrived. Well, we learned today that as they were unloading the new stair from the truck, it broke in half. The good news is that since the manufacturer would not be able to rebuild another stair in time for closing, the builder has brought in a carpenter to hand-build the stair on site.

As you can imagine, We are SO ready to move in. The kids have started school in Union County, which is nearly an hour drive from where we are living right now. We are putting more than 500 miles per week on the car – thankfully gas prices have come down!

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